USA Islamophobic? Are there any Christian churches in Mecca?

It’s actually incredibly amusing to listen to Muslims on the news accuse Americans of hating Muslims because the majority opposes the Mosque being built so close to ground zero.  Exactly how many Hindu temples, Jewish synagogues or Christian churches are being built in Medina  or Mecca? How many non-Muslims or as they are referred to, “infidels” are allowed to  visit those cities?  Zero, that’s how many.  Get on line and research how Christians are treated in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey or Syria.  Do they have freedom of worship?  Can they evangelize?  No they cannot.  Jews don’t evangelize in any case but they aren’t building any synagogues in those nations.  Turkey has to give Christians special permissions to worship at historical sites.

I just learned something about this spell checking software.  If you do not capitalize Muslim, Hindu or Jewish they are flagged as a spelling errors.  If you don’t capitalize Christian it is not flagged as an error.  That should tell the readers something about who programmed this and what their ideas are on the importance of Christianity.  I wonder what MS Word does?  Anyone know?


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