Full Body Scans Installed in Vans and Cruising the Streets

Beware of the government sending out it’s vans now outfitted with the full body scanning technology that is being installed at airports. They can drive around and look in your car, purse, home and underwear.  This story is so creepy that it makes George Orwell’s 1984 look like freedom.  This most definitely falls under the umbrella of warrant less search and seizure.  Send this link out to everyone you know.  Notice that no one is talking about it yet on the news or on talk radio.  This is beyond anything they could do in the old Soviet Union or in present day China.



About dogpatchnews

Conservative Independent, to ask questions that are not being asked. Hoping to translate elitist news for the masses. Left or right, elitism is elitism. Enough already.
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