VP Debate: Which way did Biden push independents?

As a 46 yr old adult with a career, family and mortgage I have to say I can’t believe that Joe Biden turned many independents toward his ticket.  He was rude, weird and overbearing. To come to a debate and condescend to Paul Ryan like he was a little kid was  insulting beyone belief.  What Biden doesn’t realize is that we, the new middle aged are tired of being talked down to by the government, our aging parents and the liberal media.  Any mature, rational person knows it’s not what you say, but HOW you say it, that matters most.  Biden’s intent was to belittle and disrespect.   (What he clearly is oblivious to is how his behavior will affect people in the 35-45 age range)  It’s fine in a debate to refute what is being said. What is not ok is to intentionally demean and disrespect the person who said it.  Any salient points Biden had were lost in his overbearing condescension.  Winning and losing in a debate is a subjective determination.  Biden’s interruptions and disrespect were directed at everyone who disagrees with him not just Paul Ryan.


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Conservative Independent, to ask questions that are not being asked. Hoping to translate elitist news for the masses. Left or right, elitism is elitism. Enough already.
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