Women’s Vote For Liberal Progressivism

The feminist liberal progressive women leave me cold. I can’t identify with them at all. Like with unions, there was a time when reform was needed.  The original intent of course was equal rights.  Though all Americans were supposed to have equal rights under the law, it wasn’t always the case when it came to female autonomy.  Equal rights has somehow morphed into the “right” to have taxpayer funded  birth control, including abortion on demand.  Women were fighting against the patriarchal society.  The 1970’s women felt they could open their own doors and pay their own way. They wanted independence. Yet somehow this movement has regressed and instead of ourselves, our husbands or fathers taking care of us, these liberal women are demanding that their fellow citizens provide what they think they are entitled to.  How is this progressive?  How is this independent?  It’s a very childish and ego-centric demand. “My Body. My Life. My Choice.”  The key word, “my” says it all.  These women want choice in all things with no cost and no consequences.  Rush Limbaugh hit it on the head today.  He said, “women don’t need husbands anymore, they are now married to the state.”  He is not far off. Housing, food, daycare, schooling, utilities, birth control and now no work requirement for these entitlements. This isn’t a safety net, it’s a cage.  Once you get in, you are not getting out.  Sounds an awful lot like patriarchy to me.  Yeah, we’ve come a long way baby.


About dogpatchnews

Conservative Independent, to ask questions that are not being asked. Hoping to translate elitist news for the masses. Left or right, elitism is elitism. Enough already.
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