World History vs American History

The Thanksgiving Holiday is behind us.  I keep seeing articles referring to this Holiday as a racist/nazi holiday. The Pilgrams were evil invaders, we as a nation have collective guilt, blah, blah.  Let’s go back to ancient Egypt, the Hebrews were enslaved for over 400 years.  How many nations and peoples did the Egyptians conquer?  Nubia, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran and Iraq.  Not to mention reaching into Asia.  How many were conquered by Alexander the Great?  Persia, Babylon, Greece City States and Asia.  The Norse and the Normans conquered Britian between 700AC-1100ad. The Vikings slipped in a time or two as well.  England conquered Ireland and Scotland for more than a few years.   The Spanish conquered Mexico, South America and parts of the United States.  Hence, so many Spanish speaking peoples.  They no longer speak the native languages, or at least not primarily.  The Soviet Union took over how many small countries after WWII?  China wants Taiwan back and hates Japan for it’s terrible part in WWII.  Let’s don’t even go to Germany’s history. Should we call all of these nations to account for what happened hundreds of years ago?  Should they all pay reparations for what they have done?

Human history is what it is.  We can move forward and unite or sit and whine about who did what to whom.  The Pilgrims ran from religious oppression, starting  a new nation. Not a perfect nation, not a perfect history.  What other country would you rather live in on this earth?  I am not going to bow down and listen to stupid, divisive, racist talk about Thanksgiving.  They were simple people, giving thanks for their new freedoms.  We should all be giving thanks for those freedoms and be doing what we can to ensure them to our future generations.


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Conservative Independent, to ask questions that are not being asked. Hoping to translate elitist news for the masses. Left or right, elitism is elitism. Enough already.
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